The GRUDILEC Training School is the first organization of these characteristics, whose specialization makes it the ideal choice for expanding your technical knowledge since its classes are intended for professionals from the many branches of the electricity sector.

As well as specialized technical training, GRUDILEC plans courses in different areas to cover the demand for vocational training for all positions and departments.

How we work

GRUDILEC Training identifies current training needs and plans special courses to expand the attendees’ knowledge of specific areas and educate them in the latest technological and legislative developments and consumer trends.

These courses are therefore intended to build up the attendees’ qualifications and offer them the possibility of honing their skills to fit the current demands of the market and broaden their areas of business.

GRUDILEC Training also handles the paperwork with the State Foundation for Training for employment so that the costs of training can be credited against Social Security contributions when the requirements are met.

To meet the specific needs of companies, In-Company Training is also offered.

In its continuing search for improvement, the School also offers distance learning on its e-learning platform so that students have the latest tools, technologies and devices.

What makes us different

THE ORGANISER. GRUDILEC Training plans its courses and selects highly qualified staff to deliver the training actions.

SPECIFIC TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONALS IN THE ELECTRICITY SECTOR. The School has a wide range of eminently practical courses to meet the needs of professionals in the areas of renewable energy, home automation, vehicle electrics, energy efficiency, telecommunications, etc., which allow interested parties to get up-to-date on the latest technologies and the legislation affecting the sector.

FLEXIBILITY. The courses can be taught in different locations, to meet the needs of the attendees. In addition, the School provides GRUDILEC‘s  partners with classes and all the materials at some 95 outlets all over the peninsula and on the islands. This makes it possible to schedule different courses in different locations to provide the greatest coverage possible. Flexible timetables and course lengths are another asset that helps students to attend.

MULTICHANNEL. GRUDILEC Training has an e-learning platform for distance courses, webinars, video tutorials, etc. All this comes with the support of custom materials and guidance in the form of real-time communication and follow-up with tutors.

PRACTICAL APPROACH. As well as a variety of textbooks, GRUDILEC Training provides the students with all the equipment and materials needed for practical exercises.

If you need more information, please fill out our contact form or call us on (+34) 914 547 081.
*Allowance on Social Security contributions for workers employed by others. See the terms and conditions

The aim of the courses is to improve the attendees’
qualifications by consistently adapting the training 
offered to fit the demands of the market

In-Company Training

"Turnkey" programmes

The In-Company Training is designed especially for each client company so that its objectives, the content of the training and the methodology used can be adjusted to fit. This area includes training actions to develop interpersonal skills for dealing with any target audience (management, sales force, and other groups).

In addition, workplace risk prevention courses are organized for different jobs and specific positions, in compliance with the current legislative framework.


  • Custom training programmes
  • Flexible dates and schedules
  • Personalized attention during the development of each project
  • Improves the skills of the workforce to fit the duties of
    each department



The best training costs nothing

Courses held with GRUDILEC TRAINING can lead to allowances on Social Security contributions, making them completely free of charge, depending on the number of workers in the company and its available training credits.

Continuing training actions by companies are governed by Law 30/2015, of 9 September, regulating the vocational training for employment system in the workplace. Companies and the self-employed who have salaried employees, i.e., workers who contribute to the General Social Security Scheme, have an annual financial allowance or credit for investing in training for their workers.

This credit is assigned by the Ministry of Labour and is managed through the State Foundation for Training in Employment, which credits the amount spent on training (after it has been justified) to Social Security contributions.

The amount due to each company for training depends on the amount paid into the vocational training contribution in the previous year and the number of workers in the company. It is set annually in the General State Budgets Act, starting from a minimum of €420. This credit is lost at the end of each financial year if it is not invested in training actions for company workers.

When the training ends, GRUDILEC Training handles all the paperwork so that the client can deduct the expenses as Social Security contributions. The procedure with the State Foundation for Training in Employment is as follows:

  • Information proven by the workers’ legal representative.
  • Submitting the start of the training group or groups in the manner and on the dates indicated.
  • Submitting the list of workers taking part before the start of
    the training action
  • Effective monitoring of the training.
  • Submission of the end of the group prior to the deadline
    for submitting the contribution report to which the allowances will be applied, indicating to the General Treasury of the Social Security the amount and the month to which these allowances will be applied.