GRUDILEC is a shareholding society that begun as an idea in 1992 but in 1995 became as a solid project (with GRUDI NUSO S.L. creation).

More than 40 years of experience in electrical wholesaling

More recognized for the commercial brand GRUDILEC this Organization is defined since its beginning as a Management Society, formed by familiar companies and groups of companies dedicated to Electrical Wholesaling.

Thanks to social sharing character a horizontal communication is stablished among its members, wich allow them work together, maintaining their freedom and independence of action.

GRUDILEC is currently constituted by eight Companies and Groups of Companies with more than 40 years of experience in the Electrical Material Distribution Sector, which, due to their consolidated careers and experience, are leaders in their respective geographical areas of influence.

  • Coelca
  • Araiz Suministros Eléctricos
  • CSI, Central de Suministros
  • Dis-Electric
  • Emsa
  • Electro Idella
  • Instaladora Quintana
  • Grupo Peisa
  • Sumelex
  • Mesur
  • Suelco

Meet our Members

GRUDILEC members play an active role and join efforts for the implementation of quality projects wich allows to continue evolving according to market requeriments, offering a differential service based on added values to the electrical wholesaling.

GRUDILEC members have a large stock with latest news and launches of the market.

The immediate service and thwe exhaustive fulfillment of delivery times is complemented with an additional advantage: the customer can make their purchases at any GRUDILEC point of sale with the same conditions of their usual store.


The GRUDILEC stamp means a Quality Assurance in the electrical wholesaling. A continued commitment to quality in service, distributed products, technical assistance and in the relationship with its customers.

A quality supported by an effective organization and a team formed by great professionals.